Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Broken Arms & Happy Faces

Well to tell the truth I probably didn't need to use plurals, particularly not twice, as there is only one broken arm around here for the moment!

 No need to worry, he's as happy as can be, except for the part where he can't run, jump, climb or ride his scooter!


And ocassionaly he gets a crazy itch that he freaks out about (I know I would too!) Luckily that orange thing is waterproof so if he gets and itch he sprays water down it and that usually does the trick!

If your wondering how the damage was done well he fell off a...............bed! I wasn't home, but rumor has Baby Boy fell on top of him to, then one story said that PJ pushed him and well somehow it got broken! So don't do tricks off your bed!

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