Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Been Awhile

 It's almost Christmas, boy how time flies! My children are entertaining themselves, well no the TV is doing that job and the house is somewhat quiet so I decided to stop write up a quick post. I obviously am not great at consistency, but blogging has not been a priority. Lets see Nate aka Curly recently  lost his first official tooth! He had his front two top teeth pulled over a year ago, so I'm not counting those. So now he has 3 holes in his smile =)! Nate will be turning 6 next week! I can't believe it! Baby Boy aka Joshua will be 3 next month, he is VERY talkative, very sweet and quite a handful or two. Madeline & PJ are loving their school and PJ has even been talking on the phone with his friends. Now Nate's complaining he's bored and only wants to do something fun, so I better run. More later, whenever that might be =).

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