Monday, September 12, 2011

Life with Little Ones

Life with little ones is busy, crazy, fun, exhausting and always an adventure! Of course some of the little ones here aren't so little! I'll update the side pics later today. I've now got a 7th, 5th and 1st grader, as well as a 3 1/2 yr old going on 10 so he thinks! I'm watching a 2 yr old boy during the week as well!
Madline loves to draw and have a messy room (it drives me crazy, constant battle) guess she's creative. She inherited by old pin that says "I'm not messy just creative", she is still in Girl Scouts and does well at school. I wish she was a bit more social, we are working on that. PJ is involved in Robotics and Scouting as well as Church and friends, he seems to have something to do every day, he does pretty well at school too and still loves his video games. Nate is doing good in first grade, he just started as a Tiger Cub Scout, he loves to tell silly jokes and make lego creations. Joshy loves going to church and playing outside, he is a big talker and is enjoying and struggling with having another little guy around most days. He's used to being the baby, but you better not call him the baby =)

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