Monday, July 18, 2011

Tomorrow's Another Day

  Today is fine, it's just not feeling real great. Some things have happened in my life lately that I don't necessarily want to make public (as if anyone reads this) but I know that I'll get through them just fine.
Making some banana-chocolate chip muffins, my kids love these even though I don't! I was out of white flour and did 100% WW hope they still like them!

I'm struggling to read through the book A Severe Mercy, it's a love story of a pagan love and coming to know a God's love, or something like that as I'm not to anything about God yet, I'm stuck in the lovey dovey 'perfect' pagan love part.

I've read a few good books by Connie Willis somewhat recently including Blackout and the sequel All Clear. These are mostly set in WWII England and are really great books once you get in a few chapters to the first one. The chapters go back and forth to different characters and years. There  is time travel and modern day is considered 2060. Defintely worth the read in my opinion!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time is Just a Flyin'

 Wow, who knows the last time I posted but I'm here now and that's what counts =)! The summer is flying by! Just played outside with the boys! Bubbles and bikes and scooters. Nate fell off his bike for the second day in a row. I'm going to have wrap in bubble wrap or something!  Joshy is playing Batman on the Wii for a few before he lays down for a nap. Then I've got to help Madeline with her mermaid tail she wants me to make. She's taken the initiative and started making a pattern! So now I've got to do my part! Madeline will be 12 years old this week and as of lately she is obsessed with mermaids!  I blame this partly on this show!
PJ has started going to a Lego Robotics Club, which he really likes and seems to be pretty educational.
We plan on going swimming this afternoon if it doesn't storm! Last week there were storms everyday! Anyways that's all  for now, got to get back to the kiddos!