Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Oh my it's that time of the week again, it's Monday and time to confess all my dirty little secrets or all the things that "didn't " happen this week in my life! If you want to participate or just read more go and visit MckMama for hundreds more no doubt! So if you are ready then I am!

While I was out yesterday Baby Boy was not running around without a diaper on and did not poop and play in it before noticed! If that had happened I would not be laughing at the fact that it happened while on my husband's watch and relishing the fact that he had to clean it all up!

There is no way that I actually won this contest that I blogged about! I'm not super excited to get this and have some special time with my daughter! I don't think all of you with tween or teen girls should go check out these great products!

I might not post what I've been working on today. I'm not telling you in hopes that you will check it out!

I did not join some nice ladies for a little online accountability regarding losing weight the Godly way! I don't really need this!

I did not read this book in two and a half days! There is no way I could have spent that much time reading since I have four kids!

I didn't want to go to the park yesterday just to get some good pictures! I didn't get a few, but not as many good ones as I wanted!
Right after I took the below picture of Blondie he didn't tell me 'nope it's too scary' and climbed back down! If you want to see the pictures bigger you don't have to merely click on them!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!


Tina said...

And you did get some great shots! I love the second to last one!

E said...

I will not admit that when I looked at the contest, for a split second I thought that IIIII had won, when in fact it was the other "Erica".... YOU! Congrats!

So hey, did MY park pictures inspire YOU to go to the park? Or maybe you haven't even seen mine from Saturday yet. ha ha ha


Alicia said...

LOL.I'm sure your husband liked cleaning up that mess!!!

Oh, and I love the last picture! He looks like he's in a space ship!! Too cute!

Tanya said...

Your kids are so beautiful, I like the last picture too, very cute.

Sweet Blessings said...

Secret Keeper is great! I'm so glad you won it! You'll have a fun time with your daughter! Thank you so much for your prayers for my SIL. I appreciate you:) Love the pics of your beautiful children! Amanda:)