Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bike Riding

So let me give you some background! NONE of my kids knew how to ride a bike without training wheels. That would include my 11, 9, 6 and of course 3 yr old. Nate, my 6 yr old was the most willing, he asked me to take of his training wheels one day and I did. I decided to go ahead and take PJ's off too because it didn't make sense that he still had his on. So Nate practiced a little but didn't get anywhere and quickly gave up and didn't want to try again. But one day I got determined and made him try again. This time it went great! He learned within a few minutes he was all over the place! Pedro had to help him a little later with the taking off, so in one day he was riding like an old pro! PJ was at his friend's house when this went down. So we told him he was learning the next day! And with a little pushing Pedro taught him how the next day and he was off! That same day Madeline finally gave in and realized she should learn (she really didn't want to), she no longer has her own bike, so she had to learn on PJ's with her knees bent out to the side, I didn't get a picture of her, but she can ride know too, she really taught herself more, she didn't want much help. I think she is going to get a bike for her birthday! Now to teach Joshy!

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